Oracle Application Express | APEX Interview Questions (Part-1)

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a rapid application development tool developed by Oracle for developing rich database centric applications. It first started as HTMLDB and later renamed as Application Express, though it is often shorten as APEX. APEX is a free feature that can be enabled from Oracle database v 9.2 onwards. It means, Oracle Application Express can be installed with the free version of Oracle 10g Express Edition. It is easy to create and run web applications which look professional and scalable. Of recent there is increased interest on APEX skills.

Interview Questions & Answers

General :

Following is the list of necessary, desirable skills for APEX developer position.

Experience on PL/SQL, SQL.

Experience on Javascript / HTML / CSS / Web applications.

Experience with  Oracle HTTP Server / Oracle Application Server / Oracle XDB.

Experience with Oracle HTMLDB, Oracle HTML Web toolkit.

Experience on packages, procedures, functions, views and triggers.

Basic APEX Skills :

Now, the interviewer could be asking questions on specific skills related to Application Express.

What are versions of APEX you have worked with?

What kind of applications you have created?

When to go for APEX?

When not to go for APEX?

Name few Oracle APEX applications you know.

How will you know APEX is installed? Where does it in installs in DB? (FLOWUSER_0320)
What are features on Oracle APEX application builder?

Explain the URL structure of an application.

How will you debug an application? (Debug flag)

How will you make changes to application in Oracle SQL Developer?

What are the other options for web application development.

Application Component :

What is the building blocks / components or APEX applications? (Pages, Items, Regions, Validations, Computations, Shared Components, Lists, Theme, Authentication and Authorization). The interviewer might be interested in knowing how much a developer knows about each of these components. After all, the APEX interview evaluation will be mostly about these.

Interview Questions on Page Rendering :

Now the questions on fine processing of pages

How will you define page cache?

Where will you add Java Script coding?

How will you access page items in Javascript?

What is the use of Page Group? Or what is Page Group feature? How will you create a page group?

What is ‘page zero‘? How can you restrict page zero items across application?

How a page is rendered? (Show page and Accept page process).
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